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To Do or Not to Do???

Okay, guys, I stumbled across this conversation.  Well, actually, I just got a hold of it.  Me being the person that I am, I will ask questions and start discussions on dating, but it is rare for you to find a guy that is bold enough to ask a woman that he is dating or interested in some of the questions that deal with venturing out in the physical realm, if you know what I mean.

Now, I know some of these so called new age females will say things to guys to make them feel like they are the perfect mate for them.  When in all actuality, the guy may express his interest in doing certain things that it very unbecoming of a lady, only to see if you are willing to go that far.  I say, don’t do something just because someone else wants you to, especially if it goes against your morals and values.  If he can’t appreciate the person that you are, he is not for you, I don’t care how fine he is and what he has, or what you feel he can do for you.  It is just not worth it in the end.  Well, enough of that here is the conversation:


Good morning

Him:Good morning

I have a question

Him:If I was yur man and i wanted a three some …would you. do it
Her:Whoa, where did that come from
Him:Just a question
Her:Before I answer that question, answer this…do you want a threesome

and why/why not

Him:Answer me
Her:If you were my man and you wanted a threesome, first I would want to know why you desire one
Him:Cuz I do and how far would you.
Her:How far would I let you go?

Would you. let her touch you.

Her:Why? Would you want her to?

Would you. touch her?

Her:Would you get pleasure watching me touch her and her touch me?
Him:Rub her click and her nipple s
Her:I take this has been on your mind. So, who do you have in mind for this little sexcapade?
Him:You. answer me

Would you?

Its just a question


Why would you want me to do that?

Him:What would you do?
Her:I would greet you at the door differently. I would please you in the ways a woman is to please her man. I would give you all of me in every way

Let me ask, why a threesome, is not one woman enough for any man?

Him:Just a question
Her:But it is something that you must want
Him:No just a question
Her:Oh, ok, hypothetically speaking. You just wanted my input?

Well, let me ask you the same question. If I was your girl and wanted a threesome, would you

Him:Yes I would
Her:Even if it was two guys
Him:Would you want that?
Her:It is just a question
Him:If you really want that, yes
Her:That would not bother you just a little bit?
Him:Yes it would
Her:So why agree to it?
Him:If you are happy, I’m happy

That would be something you really wanted to do, but only one time

Her:Ok, this is the thing, especially with me, I wouldn’t want anything more than for you to be happy but not at either one of our expense

It would bother me, if you wanted to bring someone else into something that is sacred and intimate to me. I only invite one person to my heart and let that person find his way to my soul

To let someone else journey to were I only want you to go or where you are the only one who knows the way, just doesn’t seem right

Him:But what about the woman?
Her:What about her?
Him:I was just playing about the man
Her:Curiosity would have to get the best of me, but, with my man…hell I don’t like to share, especially not like that. It would make me feel uncomfortable to even go there, knowing that you want another woman in bed

Ok no more question

No reply…end conversation
I couldn’t believe it at first, when I stumbled upon this, but then I thought, ‘well, at least he asked, I guess’  He was being a little open and we can all see that this is something that has been on his mind and maybe he is looking for someone who is either willing to feed his desires or he is picking to see if she is the one that can hold his heart as long as she has held his attention;  either way, he is fishing,  What do you think?  Until next time!!!Simply Single