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Have You Ever???

Posted by on Feb 19, 2012 in Featured | 2 comments

There comes a time when it seems that things around you just slow down and things that you hadn’t notice before become noticeable.  You find yourself looking at things in a different way.  You may have been use to doing things in a certain way, but at this moment, there seems to come about a change.  It can leave you wondering.

Have you ever stopped and it felt like you could feel the air around you?  I know that you can feel it, but this is a different kind of feeling.  It is when the air surrounds you, almost engulfing you; as to hold you.  It is like it takes on a life of its own, becomes something tangible or touchable.  You feel it prancing on your skin; it gives you chills because it seem so surreal.

Have you ever just stopped and looked at how things tend to flow, like they are going in slow motion?  It is like you are watching a movie that is playing frame by frame.  You know how it is when you watch a movie over and over, you tend to notice things that you had not before.  Well, as it seems that things slow down, you tend to become more in tuned to your surroundings; like the direction that the wind is blowing and how it causes things to flow.  You notice that your covers fall a certain way and you had not payed attention to that before.  You take notice in how things fall, revealing a pattern.  You look at how your children move about the house and the things that they do while preparing to go about their day.

Have you ever just sat at  a window and noticed just how beautiful and simple it seemed to be outside?  You pay attention to how the leaves fall, the interaction to the animals outside, how the trees are standing or leaning.  You notice things that you had not notice before.

Have you ever just walked outside and it seemed like you could hear the wind whispering?  It begins to tell you a story.  You hear things in the distance and are compelled to take a walk just to hear the different conversations that are whispers in the wind.  You lend your ear to the different sounds that you hear and plays like a melody.

Have you ever just payed attention to the interactions to all the things around you?  The interactions between you and your neighbors?   How your neighbors go about their day?  How things may seem so routine?

Have you ever found yourself paying attention to the different aromas that surround you?  You start to take notice in the different scents that you may not have paid attention to before.  You start to breathe deeply to those scents that entice your sense of smell.  You play name that that aroma, trying to figure out the scent.

Have you ever just got caught up in a moment and it seemed like nothing else mattered?  You find yourself enjoying what is going on and want to make it last.  You try to hold on to it for as long as you can because it is just a moment.

I have found myself doing all these things.  Sometimes it seems like things will start to go in slow motion and I get to take glimpses of things that I had not noticed before.  At those times, it seems like life slows down to make me take note that although things may get hectic and a little chaotic; time is constantly going, it is necessary to take a step back and enjoy the moments and people in your life.

All that know me, know that I love to laugh and smile and I enjoy stimulating conversations.  But sometimes, I find myself slipping off to a little quiet spot to reflect on things past and relish in the present, trying not to worry about what someone else may have or problems that may arise, just to take time for me.  I am a simple gal, as my friend may say and find enjoyment in people and moments and not necessarily things.  So if you have not ever had these moments, slow down, take a moment to step back to really look at things.  Until next time!!!


Simply Single (IgotLovealloverME)


  1. This is a beautiful post – very evocative. Thank you for the reminder to slow down!
    Dawn Storey recently posted.. Inspiration, achievement, and possibilities, Oh My!My Profile

    • Thank you Ms Dawn for stopping by.

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