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Girl Talk

Posted by on Jan 29, 2012 in Family Fun, Featured, Single Mom | 0 comments

I had a great time at my nephew’s birthday party, but most of all, I enjoyed spending time with family and some great girl talk.  I can not say it enough, I love to talk.  My sister’s friend came to the party with her children, the last time I had seen her was three years ago, so we had a lot of catching up to do.

We had a blast, we ate, we danced, and we laughed.  I would post pics, I know my sister-in-law probably already has some posted…smh.  I danced so much that I sweated and had to take off my sweater.  My sister-in-law thought that I would not be able to dance for the length of the songs (we played old throwbacks).  Super Sonic by JJ Fad, also Bunny Hop by Da Entourage, Pimp Daddy ,  DJ JubileeThe Wobble by V.I.C., and you had to definitely had to on to remember this one Poison Ivy by Young & Restless…oh that was so back in the days (like YMCA dance days).

Any who, my sister’s friend and I discussed dating and past relationships gone wrong.  She asked me how did I feel about dating; if I just didn’t want to or just have not got around to it.  I explained that I had not been in a relationship in almost 2 years and just hadn’t gotten around to dating.  It seems like guys these days are more into the physical aspect of the dating game and not trying to build something.  It is time out for that.  She asked me how do I do it.  I told her that I just try to keep myself busy taking care of my kids, doing research and contracting work.

She stated that she has not been in a relationship in almost a year and that she just tries to keep herself busy, as well.  She stated that she works 2 1/2 jobs instead of 3 now, LOL!!!  She has not dated just because she just hasn’t had the time and plus she just hasn’t find a respectable suitor.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is not that I don’t want to date, it just seem like dating is DEAD!!!  Some may feel that wanting that person that is willing to sweep you off your feet and be there through thick and then is not obtainable.  I beg to differ, it just seems to me that some people lower their standards a whole lot just to be with someone.  But the thing about that is, ‘Do you feel worthy?’  Some people may not feel like they are worthy of being the only one for a person.  My sister’s friend and I feel that we are more than worthy.  I am glad that we had the conversation that we did because lately all I have been getting is that I must be living in a fairy-tale because what I want is not real.  She told me that it is possible and she claims this to be our year.

Now we are in the planning phases of making our lives more focused on what we need to do while also having fun.  We have trip ideas that we are tossing around.  I think this is going to be a great adventure.  Planning dates for travel to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, etc are in effect.  Will post more as we develop our plans.  Until next time!!!


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